7 Facial exercises for reducing smile lines

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Do you often gaze at the mirror, wondering how to reduce those smile lines that frame your mouth? While they’re a natural part of aging and can even be seen as a sign of a life full of laughter, some people are keen on diminishing their appearance. Facial exercises can offer a natural and fun way to combat those lines. Let’s dive into three of the seven exercises you can try.

Facial exercises

1. Resistance Smiles

Think of this exercise as strength training for your mouth muscles. To begin, place your fingers at the corners of your mouth. Now, try to smile while providing a bit of resistance with your fingers. Imagine you’re trying to push the smile inwards, but your mouth muscles are fighting against it. Hold the wide smile for about 5-10 seconds. You should feel a gentle tension in the muscles. Relax, and then give it another go. If you do 10-25 reps of this daily, you’ll flex those smile muscles like a pro.

2. Cheek Lifter

This exercise targets the laugh lines around your mouth. Start by pressing the tips of your index fingers onto your laugh lines. With your fingers in place, flash a big, teeth-showing smile. Maintain your grin for around 5-10 seconds, then let go. Try repeating this about 15-30 times. It’s like giving your cheeks a mini workout.

3. Smiling

A regular smile can be an exercise. You bet! You’ll need to keep your lips slightly apart for this simple exercise. Next, draw the edges of your mouth backward, almost as if aiming for your lips to meet your ears without shifting the rest of your facial features. This smile should be wide and full of enthusiasm! Hold it for around 10 seconds before letting your face relax. Repeat this exercise another dozen times or so. You’re not just working on those lines; you’re spreading positivity.

4. Tongue to Nose

Ever attempted to touch your nose using your tongue? While it might elicit a chuckle, it’s a stellar workout for your face. Start by extending your language to get it as close to your nose tip as possible. While not everyone can touch their nose, stretching works wonders. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, then relax. Give this a shot about ten times. Not only is it good for your face, but it’s also sure to give you a giggle.

5. Fish Face

Remember making fish faces as a kid? Well, it turns out, it’s more than just a silly face – it’s an effective facial exercise. Start by sucking in your cheeks, then pucker your lips outward like a fish. Maintain this pose for 5-10 seconds, then release. Aim to repeat the fish face ten times. It’s not just fun, but it targets the muscles around your mouth and cheeks.

6. Kissing the Ceiling

Send a little love to your ceiling with this exercise! Begin by tilting your head backward so you’re looking upwards. Now, pucker up those lips as if you’re trying to plant a kiss on the ceiling. Keep your lips pursed for 5-10 seconds, then relax. Complete this exercise about ten times. It’s a fantastic way to stretch your neck and lower facial muscles.

7. Blowing Air

Imagine you’re trying to cool down a hot spoonful of soup. Close your lips and blow air beneath them, puffing out your cheeks. Hold this balloon-like cheek for around 10 seconds, then exhale. Try this breathing exercise about ten times. It’s great for the face and offers a refreshing sensation.


These facial exercises can be a fun and effective way to combat smile lines naturally. However, individual results may vary. While at-home remedies can make a difference, professional treatments, like those offered at a hydrafacial clinic in toronto, provide more targeted solutions. Always consult a skin care professional for the best advice tailored to your needs. 

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