Metal Roofing: Benefits and Maintenance Tips

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Metal roofing is one of the best options for people looking to put a new roof on their houses. It has a lot of benefits and is recommended by many certified roofing experts. Here is why you should consider choosing metal roof for your house;

metal roofing


Metal roofing lasts twice longer as other roofing materials like asphalt shingles and ply. Metal roofing has an estimated life span of 30-50 years, depending on the type of metal used.

Higher-quality materials like zinc, copper and aluminum last longer. Using this roof can reduce the costs of redoing a roof.

It is light 

It is easy to install metal roofs because they are significantly lighter than tiles. Metal roofing is six times more lightweight per square meter of installation. It reduces the roofing costs and the stress of the structures holding the roof.

It is fire resistant 

Metals cannot burn quickly, making them suitable roofing materials. The metal roof is an excellent option to secure property in regions prone to wildfires. It is ineffective if the materials used to make the walls and property is not fireproof.

It preserves energy 

Metal roofing reflects the radiant heat during summer, leaving the house cool. Using metal roofing allows you to cut down the energy you would use to cool your home during summer. It reduces the electricity bills used for air conditioning and heaters.

It is easy to maintain

After some time, asphalt shingle roofs have fungi and moss growing on them. It means that you have to find someone to remove them. Quality metal roof is not susceptible to rust, which makes them last longer. Metal roofing is not affected by moss and moisture, requiring less maintenance.

It does not keep snow 

During the snowing season, snow accumulates on roofs. Metal roofing allows easy shedding of rain and snow because of the smooth surface. It reduces the weight on the roof during the snowing season.

It is environment friendly 

A metal roof can be easily recycled into something else after they are worn out. Metal roofs can get re-used and make other metal items compared to other disposable and wasteful roofing materials.

Maintenance tips for metal roofs 

Conduct annual inspection of the roof 

Inspection once or twice a year enables you to keep track of places that need repair or replacement. Regions with extreme temperatures require frequent inspection.

Clean the roof once a year 

Although the metal roof is smooth, debris, twigs and dust can accumulate with time. Every once a year, get a professional roof maintenance service to clean the roof and gutters from leaves and twigs.

Cutting loose branches 

Trim any loose branches hanging on the roof that could potentially fall on the roof. Cut loose branches that can graze the roof and destroy the paint or fall on it and puncture it.

Get professional maintenance 

After every two years, get professional help to adjust any loose screws on the roof. Points that have loosened with time can bring in moisture and rain. A roofing expert can help fix such loose points and put fresh paint if the roof has faded.


Metal roofing has many advantages compared to traditional roofing methods. If you are looking at a different approach to roofing, metal roofing can be a good option. Metal roofing also saves costs in the long run because they are easier to maintain.

If you are considering metal roof, this article helps to find the benefits of choosing metal roof compared to other methods.


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