Open Up to Speed: Discovering High-Speed Traffic Doors

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Swing doors, popularly called traffic doors, are designed to provide easy and convenient access between the inside and outside of a building. They are common in commercial buildings, such as minimarts, factories, or supermarkets. They open both ways. So whether you are inside or out, you can swing them in the most convenient direction. They come in different types. But the high-speed types are becoming popular, and with good reasons. This blog introduces high-speed traffic doors and shares their most important benefits.

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Why high-speed doors?

A high-speed door will benefit you whether your building is a factory, supermarket, or food production plant. They open and close very fast, improving efficient movement to and from the building. When you swing, these doors generally open up to four feet per second. This minimizes wait time and increases fast access, whether entering or coming out of the building.

Other important benefits of a high-speed door

High-speed doors offer many other benefits when used in a commercial setting. Below, we list the most important ones:

Increased productivity

Productivity is among the main goals of the manufacturer when designing a high-speed traffic door. In places like a factory or manufacturing plant, other doors can take a few seconds longer to open or close. A few seconds might make little difference in a noncommercial building. But for small businesses or other commercial properties, doors get opened and closed many times during business hours. These few seconds can add up and reduce productivity. But there are no wasted seconds with high-performance doors, like the high-speed traffic ones. In and out movement is efficient, and productivity is increased.

Regulates airflow and saves energy

These doors are designed to open and close fast. By doing this, they regulate airflow compared to other door types. The rapid opening and closing ensure too much heat and cold do not escape, depending on the season. This also increases the building’s energy efficiency. It saves costs by lowering the energy bill.


A high-speed traffic door can last between 10 to 20 years because of the material with which it is built. Its quality surpasses other door types. These doors are often built with long-lasting materials that make them stand the test of time. This is one of the reasons many people are embracing high-speed traffic doors.


High-speed traffic doors add to the beauty of the building. These doors come in different colors and styles. They are high-performance, yet they give the building an appealing look.

Enhanced security for all

High-speed traffic doors can keep customers and employees safe. That is because they often come with added security features. These can be alarms or interlocks that prevent unauthorized entry. They also have access control functionalities.

There are many reasons for high-speed traffic doors’ growing popularity. They increase productivity, accessibility, and energy efficiency. They also add to the beauty of the building. These doors come with security features, allowing customers and employees to feel safe.

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