What to Avoid When Planning to Send Flowers to Your Partner

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If you want to surprise your partner with flowers, being thoughtful and considerate with the gift is important. Avoiding certain common pitfalls can help make your flower delivery truly special. Here are six things you should steer clear of when sending flowers to your loved one:


1.    Sending too personal flowers

Avoid giving very personal gifts to someone you barely know. You can only do this if you’ve been in a committed relationship for a while and learn what your partner likes. While a dozen red roses might be perfect for some, others prefer a more understated gesture. Consider your partner’s taste and the relationship stage when choosing flowers.

2.    Sending too expensive flowers

Showing love and appreciation is important, but there might be better ideas than an expensive bouquet. Your partner may feel uncomfortable or pressured to reciprocate in kind. Choose a thoughtful arrangement that fits your budget. Remember, the most important thing is the meaning behind the flowers.

3.    Sending inappropriate flowers for the occasion

Your choice should align with the occasion’s significance. Different experiences carry distinct emotions and messages. For instance, giving someone romantic roses when feeling sad is awkward. Similarly, bright and vibrant blooms may not suit a somber event. Before you order flowers, think about the occasion and choose a bouquet that expresses the right feelings. By being thoughtful, your gesture will show respect and be appreciated for the event.

4.    Sending flowers your partner is allergic to

Allergies can turn a well-intentioned gift into an uncomfortable experience. If you don’t know, ask if your partner has any allergies before sending flowers. Common flower allergens include pollen and fragrances. If you’re worried about allergies, consider choosing hypoallergenic flowers such as tulips, irises, or daffodils. These selections reduce the likelihood of your partner experiencing sneezing fits or allergies, allowing them to savor your thoughtful gift in comfort fully.

5.    Sending flowers without a message

A well-arranged bouquet can say a lot, but a personal statement adds more emotion to your gift. Writing a sincere note or card shows how caring and thoughtful you are. Tell your partner why you chose that bouquet and share your feelings and fond memories. The message can make a nice gesture special, so your loved one will always remember it. So, always appreciate the power of words to enhance the impact of your flower delivery.

6.    Sending flowers too frequently

While surprising your partner with flowers is delightful, remember the frequency. Sending bouquets too often can diminish the novelty and impact of the gesture. Instead, save flower deliveries for special occasions or as a surprise to make them feel extra special.


Sending flowers to your partner can be a wonderful way to express your love and affection. Avoid common mistakes and consider your partner’s preferences to make your florist or flower delivery special. Consider looking for fresh local flowers in North York as your delivery service. This will create a cherished and memorable experience for both of you. Remember, the thought and effort you put into the gesture truly matters.

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